Gustav assisted living facility evacutations

My stomach is in knots today, thinking about everyone on the Gulf Coast in the face of Gustav.   Evacuations have begun and I think this time people are going to take Gustav very seriously.

I don’t live in the Gulf area, but I have to wonder what goes through the minds of assisted living facility administrators when a category 4 hurricane is barreling toward them.  Of course, most people would say, without much thought “evacuate the residents.”  But, what the averege person may not know is that some residents may be endangered more by the process of moving them than by the hurricane itself.

This is a decision that I would not like to ever have to make.   I know that during Katrina several facilities decided to ride the storm out, which resulted in disaster.

I really just wanted to send my good thoughts and energy towards everyone in this area.   I can’t imagine the stress you all are going through.


2 thoughts on “Gustav assisted living facility evacutations

  1. David Thomas MD

    I’m so impressed with this blog that I’ve added it to my personal blogroll.

    It’s the first blog I’ve noticed that actually includes a directory!

    Thank you. We need it.

    David Thomas, MD

  2. admin Post author

    Thank you so much, David. What a treat! I will be checking your blog out as well. I am thrilled and honored to have received such nice comments from you.