How To Find Costs of Mississippi Assisted Living Facilities

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The State of Mississippi’s Division of Aging and Adult Services offers a great, noncommercial online service that allows users to search for assisted living facilities throughout Mississippi.

Using the Mississippi GetHelp site, users may select a county, and then ‘assisted living’ from the services drop-down menu, and a solid list of facilities will be displayed for the chosen county.

Basic information is displayed including the facility name, address, and phone number.

Clicking on the facility name will bring up further information relevant to the facility including:

A website address, if the facility has one

A brief description of the facility and the services offered

Age range served

Types of services offered, including Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care, Sroke or other conditions.

And the cost of the facility’s services, and they type of payments accepted (for example: Private Pay; Long Term Care Insurance; Tricare; Medicare etc.)

It will also list whether the facility accepts Veteran’s Administration payment.

Additionally, the size of the facility in terms of the number of beds is also listed, along with other helpful information.

This site should be considered noncommercial and trustworthy.