4 Types Of Assisted Living Facility Licenses In Florida

I’d have to say that one of the most confusing aspects of assisted living is that it is not a straightforward definition across all 50 states, or even named or identified as ‘assisted living’ in some states.

In addition, within each state there may be several different classes or types of assisted living, adding to the confusion.  Generally, the different types simply reflect the different levels of care that will be offered.

Florida is no different, in that it offers 4 different types, or licenses for assisted living.  Fortunately, though, the FloridaHealthFinder site offers a great page and section dedicated to assisted living, and offers a good definition, and description for each type of care.

The four types of assisted living in Florida are:

Types of assisted living licenses in Florida

You can see the definitions here.

According to the State of Florida, “A facility must have a standard assisted living facility license in order to operate in the state of Florida. The other three licenses can be added in order for the facility to provide services designated outside the spectrum of a standard assisted living facility license.”

Additionally, the State identifies a few different alternatives to assisted living, which include Adult Day Care, and Adult Family Care Homes, which also have their own unique definitions, sets of services, and requirements.