Finding Assisted Living in Idaho Using Trusted Sources

Assisted Living DirectoryReturn to or visit our Assisted Living Directory for Idaho to learn about the many different facility options throughout the state.

Assisted Living Directory offers another video tutorial highlighting a trusted, state-sponsored way to research assisted living facilities and adult residential care homes throughout Idaho.  This site, and data may be especially helpful to those who live in one of Idaho’s remote, or rural parts of the state.

The State of Idaho’s official website offers a section, that although not “intuitively” findable from it’s homepage, offers a great and highly comprehensive section for Assisted Living Facilities in Idaho once you do find it.

I’ll save you some time by taking you right to it.

The 2-1-1 Idaho Careline’s Assisted Living Facilities section offers a few helpful items.

Firstly, it offers a good definition of what assisted living is, and how the State of Idaho defines it.  An interesting part of the desription says:  “Assisted living facilities may be licensed by the state or may not require a license depending on the area in which they are located.”

Something to keep in mind.

More helpful are the two links at the bottom that take you to a database of assisted living facilities and adult residential homes throughout Idaho.

Selecting the “View Resources” link takes you to Idaho’s list of facilities.   You can refine and filter your results using the tabs on the right.

Selecting a facility will take you to a detail page that will list

*The Facility Name
* The address, phone and website for the facility
* An overview, including the number of beds or units
* Type of care provided (for example: Alzheimer’s, Level III, etc)

Fees and Payment options such as Private pay or medicaid accepted are displayed by selecting “Show Service Details”

The information found here should be considered unbiased and noncommercial data.

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