Find A Veterans Home for Seniors In Illinois

One of the consistently discussed topics on our site is how to find housing for seniors if they are a Military Veteran.   Unfortunately, there is a wealth of information out there on this, and some of it is more along the lines of “misinformation.”   Additionally, each state may have different guidelines or information regarding senior housing for Veterans.

That’s why, when there is a great source for information, I make sure to include it on our site, and highlight the important pieces and pages.

Veterans Housing for Illinois Seniors

Illinois Veterans are lucky, since you have at your fingertips the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, which offers outstanding and in-depth information on:

* Applying for Veterans Grants

* Applying for Veterans Care

* Locating Veterans housing for seniors, including for those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

* Women’s Veterans Services

and much more.

There is a helpful page on determining eligibility that also lists a handful of Veterans Homes throughout the State of Illinois.  You’ll see a photo, information about services provided, the location of the home and more.