Great No-Nonsense Way To Search for Illinois Facilities

I spend a lot of time researching assisted living, for my site, and I also like to see what’s going on out there on other sites. Unfortunately, so many senior care and assisted living sites nowadays are wrought with ‘shenanigans’ and ‘tricks’. Specifically, so many of them, usually commercial sites, will make every attempt to steer you into filling out some random form, or calling a number to ‘speak with an expert’ – which is often debatable in terms of how much experience and knowledge the person on the receiving end of the call will actually have.

That’s where I like to point out excellent, no-nonsense sites to compliment my own site, Assisted Living Directory (another thing that sets us apart is that most other sites won’t even as much as mention another ‘competing’ website).

Illinois has just such a resource with their Consumer Choice Information Report website, which is offered through the State’s Department on Aging. This site offers an incredibly easy search tool – I prefer using the ‘county’ selector, and then looking through the facilities from there.

Sample Screenshot of some of the important data provided:

Great no-nonsense search tool for Illinois

This tool and search will display an abundance of unbiased, non-commercial information for each facility, including services provided, such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia Care, or other specialties.   It even offers information on religious services, and languages spoken.

Just as importantly, it offers direct contact information, and often times an administrator, or owner’s name.

Imagine that.

Please refer back often to our own Assisted Living Directory for Illinois for updates, additional facilities, and videos!

I hope this helps all of you to continue to safely and successfully search for the best assisted living facility option in Illinois that fits your needs and circumstances!