Evict a 99 year old?

Assisted-living home evicting 99-year-old – that’s the headline from The Daily News Online today.  “An assisted living home in Sumner (Washington) is trying to evict a 99-year-old resident who has exhausted her life savings and now depends on Medicaid.”  Apparently, she owes nearly 20 grand, and since Medicaid pays less, they are trying to give this woman the boot.

From what I have been reading, this happens frequently, and I can imagine that the longer people live, the more likely their savings will get wiped out.

From a principle standpoint, if you are going to evict a 99 year old, I think you (the facility) had better make sure the person has an acceptable living arrangement to go to, and help with every aspect of the move, and make sure the transfer is seamless.

Still, there seems to be something not quite right about giving the boot to someone who was alive when the horse was a more widely used means of transportation than the automobile.

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