‘Elder Rage’ Author Jacqueline Marcell Featured in AARP Online

Jacqueline Marcell wrote “Elder Rage” which is featured in several places on my site. We have ‘spoken’ by email once or twice and she is really an engaging woman.

I just got an email saying that she was featured in AARP Online.

I barely survived the most wrenching year of my life as the sole caregiver to my aggressive elderly father and sweet but ailing mother, both with early Alzheimer’s not properly suspected nor diagnosed for over a year. But after the heartbreak of having my once-adoring father taken away by force several times to a psychiatric hospital for violence (where he’d promptly be released), and burning through my parents’ life savings and most of mine–with sheer determination I finally solved the endless crisis medically and behaviorally. “

Her Book, Elder Rage is available at Amazon.