An Assisted Living Podcast? We think So!

I’ve been really inspired lately by all of the great podcasts I listen to.   After all, podcasting is in line with one of the topics I am very passionate about – Time Management.    How else can you consume information, get guidance, and learn something new **while doing something else** than listening to a podcast?

I can go through several of them on my runs ever week, and always look forward to new releases by my favorite pod-jockeys (is that a word)?

So my question to everyone here:  Would my doing a podcast be useful?  I’d love to know in the comments below.

What I would talk about:

It is quite clear to me that there are so many passionate caregivers out there who would love to apply their efforts and knowledge towards their own business, facility or care service, but they don’t have the faintest notion on how to overcome some of the marketing and business hurdles to launch a business, and maintain it’s success.

Our ‘how to open an assisted living facility‘ page, if you read the comments, makes clear that a lot of people could use help.

I’d try to podcast once a week, and I’d cover:

  1. How to build a website for your assisted living facility or senior care business
  2. How to gain organic traffic to your website using honest tactics and strategies
  3. How to establish yourself as an expert in this industry
  4. How to become savvy with social media
  5. Interviews with other successful caregivers and facility owners
  6. Tips on how to build a YouTube channel, and success
  7. What I have learned (good and bad) over the past 10 years managing Assisted Living Directory.   What has been successful for me, and what has not.
  8. Photography/Videography tips for your assisted living home

I want the podcast to be highly useful with actionable tips for your long-term success in the assisted living industry.

It is my hope, and vision that such a podcast would be successful.  I can’t imagine that most caregivers or facility owners have much time to actually sit down and read a book, but I can imagine that they could listen to a podcast in the car or exercising (if they have time to do so)!

I’d also like to blog about the creation of this podcast, the steps taken to make it a reality, and our success (or not) with it’s popularity.

Of course, I know that this is a pretty niche-specific topic, so that might be somewhat limiting in terms of possible larger audience, but I have to stick with what I know, and that would be assisted living.

How about a logo, or thumbnail for our Podcast?  I’ve been thinking about this, and I am leaning towards making it ‘branded’ with my site, Assisted Living Directory, by including our logo (tree) in the graphic.   I think people might recognize it as they scroll through potential podcasts, and know who is behind it immediately.

Our logo idea for the podcast:

Assisted Living Success Podcast

So, how do I know how to podcast?

I don’t.   I have a general idea, but it is a work in progress.

I do know that I have a good microphone, and I’ll be using Adobe Audible for the recording, and for interviews, that will most likely be over Skype.

I need to pick out a good music track for my intro, and outro.  That will be the job for me this coming week.

So please, let me know what you think.   I’ll be more motivated to release this podcast sooner than later if I feel like it will be helpful!

Comment below! Thank you!

5 thoughts on “An Assisted Living Podcast? We think So!

  1. Wg Cdr Thomas Verghese (Retd)

    It is a Great idea. We need to know of the Best practices happening all over the world. It would help to improve the Quality of Life for the Elderly directly or through their Care Givers in their own surroundings. We in Bangalore India are trying to use the existing support services (Medical & Non Medical) of the surroundings. It would be cost effective through use of a Smart Phone App for Relationship Managers (RMs) The RMs could work from home and would be the intermediary between the end user & the Service Providers.

  2. David Post author

    Thank you so much for your supporting comment on this. I really hope it might be helpful. I get so many questions on our site that clearly indicate that conversations about assisted living, best practices, etc would be helpful.

  3. Hal Cranmer

    I am growing my assisted living business, but still have a ton of questions. The podcast is a great idea. Sorry that I am so late in my comment, but I just found this. Thanks for providing all the information you do.

  4. Connor Smith

    Hi, David! An assisted living podcast would be well worth the effort, seeing as there is a lot of planning and expertise that goes into this care type! Check out our upcoming senior care site or follow us on Twitter @myseniorcaring we’d love to be in contact!