A Recommended Database of Senior Services for Georgia

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I don’t think any one website out there can claim to have ‘everything.’  In fact, I appreciate sites that point out other trusted websites or resources that provide further information, or that offer complimentary information.

In that spirit, Assisted Living Directory would like to point out an awesome, non-commercial way to research all types of senior care throughout Georgia, city and rural areas alike. 

Our short video tutorial will show you this great resource, and how to use it:

The Georgia Association of Area Agencies on Aging offers an excellent database of senior services for Georgia that allows visitors to look for senior care options in Georgia by:

Service Type
Zip Code
and Keyword

Services that can be searched include:

Adult Day Care
Assisted Living and Personal Care Homes
End of Life Planning
Skilled Nursing
Hospice Care
Nursing Homes

and much, much more.  It is truly a comprehensive database of services. To use this tool and database, please visit:


I find that this is a really great way to look for care especially if you are in a more remote, or rural part of the state, where options seem limited, or where searching for care is a little more challenging.

With so many senior care sites popping up online (almost every day, it seems), it’s hard to know where to look for information that can be trusted.

Assisted Living Directory is proud to list safe and trustworthy sites and data that compliment what we offer on our site.   The Georgia Area Agencies on Aging/Georgia Services for Seniors site certainly fits the bill.

You can also look up assisted living facility and personal care home inspections, investigations and violations reports using the Gmap2Care site, offered through the Georgia Department of Community Health here:


We hope it is a helpful tool for your research into assisted living facilities and other senior care options in Georgia!

2 thoughts on “A Recommended Database of Senior Services for Georgia

  1. David Post author

    Judy, unfortunately, I know of no way, or no database that has that information easily. As far as I know, you’d need to contact each facility to ask them about that. If I find out otherwise, I will make sure and post it here! Thank you, and good luck!