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13 thoughts on “Find Assisted Living

  1. Heidi

    I need some information about assisted living
    facilities in the cities of:
    Hollywood, Florida
    Pembroke Pines, Florida
    Davie, Florida
    and Plantation, Florida

  2. joe

    Hello Heidi,
    We would be very happy to answer any of your questions.
    Fell free to me at 602-505-0004

  3. joe


    Please check out this luxury eco-friendly assisted livng home on the wed site…

  4. Rachelle

    Can someone please direct me to find out the required or best certification/education to have to be able to transition my corporate, hospitality, event planning etc work experience over the last 25 years into working with an Assisted Living Facility. I have a Bachelors in Business and am looking to take a Medical Assistant Certification Program. I am moving back to Miami in July and have decided this is the environment I want to spend the next 20 some years working. I truly have the passion for making people’s dreams a reality or making little special moments happen! Please help if you can.

  5. Carlos

    Please help! My brother and sisters are trying to find a decent assisted living facility for seniors in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic for my 82 yr old Dad who refuses to go to one in the states. Where we all live and would love to care for him. He is retired and financially we can afford a nice place. But we have searched and searched and can not come up with any there.

    Any suggestions please!!

    Thanks , Carlos Las Vegas

  6. Tender Care Home for Adults

    Facts you need to know to choose the right Assisted Living in arlington tx

    If you are looking for secure assisted living residential homes for your parents and/or your loved, always make sure is located in quiet suburban neighborhoods. There is out there tons of home for adults but you always look for highly trained caregivers so you want to make sure they maintain a standard of excellence and individualized care, I like qhen they mention that they have a uncompromising commitment to each resident’s and over everything make sure they offer quality of life and allowed Tender Care for your adults that always could help you to choose the right place from providers of residential home care in the DFW area.

  7. Armanda A. Shannon

    My younger brother is a Vietnam veteran, 100% disabled, collecting monthly VA benefits. His present assisted living facility is closing within this month of September 2013~~located in Wauchula FL. I need to find a suitable facility for him ASAP! Can you help?


    I’m independent, 75yrs old. broken hip, living in a nursing home. I would like to move to an Assisted living or a Care Home in Western North Carolina.
    My mind is good and I do all my ADLS myself. I pay out of my Social Security then Medicare or Medicade
    covers rest . I don’t know witch one it is.
    Please contact me either email Thank you, Jeanne Duval

  9. David Post author

    Jeanne, thanks for writing…I think you contacted one of our helper folks on the site – I am sure they will help you – if not, please let me know! Wishing you the best of luck with your research!

  10. Randy King

    Jeanne Duval’s personal phone number is shown. You need to edit that out of her comment for privacy reasond.

  11. Rhonda J Doyle

    I am looking for an assisted living facility in Arizona. I am ALTCS pending. I don’t want a semi private room. I;m looking for a place that either has studios or private rooms only. Also, I need to find a place that will accept
    people under 55. I have a small service dog as well. Please help. I live alone and am not safe in my residence.