Your best marketing can be your residents

With the increasing popularity of video, especially via Youtube, Google Video, and, Assisted Living Facilities may want to take a renewed interest in making sure that their residents are happy. It doesn’t take a whole lot of technical skill to get a message out to thousands of people. Hopefully, that message will be a good one.

The Residence in Lakeland, Florida has used the magic of video to get some great press, and a great testimonial from one of their residents. In a great article from (January 18, 2008), it states that “The Residence is one of a handful of assisted-living facilities in Polk County that specialize in providing a home for people who have illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

It has a good reputation among local mental health workers and tenants who say they would rather stay there than try living on their own.”

It follows up with a embedded video testimonial by a resident at the facility. You can view this testimonial here: