Assisted Living resident turns 107

I am reading an article in the out of Janesville, Wisconsin, about Lillian Greenman, a resident at Liberty Hall at Mercy Assisted Living in Janesville. She is turning 107, and looks like she is still in great shape. I want to send a hearty “Happy Birthday” to her, and I wish her many more to come.

The article said “Greenman was born Jan. 14, 1901. She has two children, four great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild and a wonderful collection of stories.”

I can’t imagine having been around at the time the automobile was invented. I wonder what her secret to a long life has been? I think that, based on her contented smile in her photo in the article that staying happy and lighthearted had something to do with it? I also hope that the care she has received in her assisted living facility has contributed to it.

She did say, when asked the question about her secret “”I was always a happy person. I have a wonderful family,” Greenman said, her smile spreading across her face in gentle waves.”

Congratulations, Lillian!