Why Join An Assisted Living Association?

I’ve always been a bit befuddled as to why membership numbers for most assisted living associations are lacking. This goes for most states.

If you visit your state’s assisted living association website, often times there will be a directory that lists their members, and the list, quite often, is not huge. It certainly does not cover every assisted living home or facility in the state, not by a longshot.

Ask The Expert - assisted living association

To me, joining an association, from the perspective of an assisted living home owner, or administrator, would be one of the very best ways to get your name out, to network with other facilities and owners, to gain credibility, and to learn about your state’s assisted living industry, regulations, and culture.

I decided to reach out to Peter Brissette, the communications director for the Colorado Assisted Living Association, to ask him to speak to this question, and to explain why it’s a good idea for anyone connected to assisted living or senior care, to join the association.

This, of course, is a Colorado perspective, but I think his answer speaks for most states and their respective associations:

Peter does a great job of explaining what types of events, programs and support you’ll have access to by participating in the association.

Most importantly, he believes, and I do as well – you’ll be a part of a community, and have access to colleagues, and industry peers to talk about ideas, to get questions answered, and to make sure you are operating your facility at the highest level, and well within meeting and exceeding state regulations and standards.

If you are not aware of how to get in touch with your state’s assisted living association, a simple google search will bring it up. Or, you can just navigate to any of the State pages here on Assisted Living Directory where we provide state-specific information for your Association.

This video ‘mini-interview’ is part of Assisted Living Directory’s ‘Ask The Expert’ series!