Thank you to Melissa for flagging a site

We spend a lot of time adding facilities, writing articles, and writing on our blog. Of course, over time – things change – businesses go under, new facilities are built, and websites…..they change too.

We rely on our readers and site visitors to some extent to let us know if information is inaccurate on our site, or if a website link is not appropriate.

A big thank you goes out to “Melissa” – she wrote us this week letting us know that one of the assisted living facilities on our Las Vegas page had a link to a website that went to a “naughty” site…if you know what I mean.

How embarrassing for us. I remember adding that facility years ago to our site, and at the time, I remember checking out the website, which, at the time, was legitimate.

As we know, and have learned, websites change, and sometimes change hands. I believe this is exactly what happened, and the person who took over the website in question and “redirected” it to a site that was **not** rated “PG” by any means.

We have corrected the listing.

At any rate, we are grateful to Melissa for pointing it out. We try very hard to keep our site clean, accurate and safe, and take very seriously when the information on our website is questionable.

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