Seniors are funny at Senior Comedy Afternoons

We all know that humor can be the best medicine for a lot of things – it has been proven to help with blood pressure, overall mental disposition, and much more.

I was reminded this week that seniors can be a very funny group of people.  I mean, why not?  They have the life experience and many frames of reference to get their material from.

I ‘met’ and had a nice e-conversation with Bonnie Barchichat who is the producer of Senior Comedy Afternoons – which has a mission to ‘…provide the senior community with an afternoon of   purpose, a reason to socialize with their peers and family and reasons to laugh at whatever life throws their way…at any age!’

Check out LOLA GILLEBAARD – dubbed one of the “OC’s” funniest senior comics:

She is truly a riot, and a born comic!

So, I wanted to let you know about Senior Comedy Afternoon’s upcoming show in Huntington Beach.  I have included the flyer here, and want to wish Bonnie, and her troupe of senior comics a wonderful, funny  and successful show!