Looking Up Facility Ratings and Complaints in Texas

Another video in our series on how to look up facility information, including ratings, inspections and complaints using trusted, State of Texas resources and data:

We think that one of the most important aspects about searching for assisted living, is to look into what type of track-record facilities that you are interested in have.

Most states, including Texas, offer information and details concerning surveys, inspections, complaints and enforcement actions on most care facility types, including assisted living facilities.

Unfortunately, as we have found, most people don’t know that this information exists, or that it is readily accessible to the general public.   Even more unfortunate is that there are often-times companies that will charge to provide this information to consumers, when it is easily available to the general public free-of-charge.

Most of the time, you simply need to look at a state’s Department of Health or Office on Aging website to find this information.  For Texas, we found it here: http://facilityquality.dads.state.tx.us/qrs/public/qrs.do

Our video will show you how to look up facilities by county, city or zip code, and how to discover whether a facility has had any complaints or enforcement actions taken against it.

This is also a great way to double-check information that you may have found elsewhere.  We hope our video is a helpful guide for you to further your senior care research in Texas.