Actual Dialogue Between A Senior Care Advisor And A Caller

Have you ever wondered exactly what you might get when you call one of those senior care or assisted living referral companies, or or a senior care adviser to get help in finding an assisted living or Alzheimer’s facility for your loved one?   Well, we have the actual dialogue from a recent call that might give you a good idea.   Often times, the person that picks up the phone is somewhat of a dispatcher.  Although they may be very knowledgeable, they will likely take your information and have a care adviser in your city and state call you back.    This way, you’ll be (hopefully) in touch with someone familiar with the area that you are looking in.

Here is the dialogue:

Care Adviser: Thank you for calling, my name is Cherie, how can I help you?

Caller: Uh, hi Cherie, are you a certified care consultant for seniors? That’s
what I thought I was calling for assisted living?

Care Adviser: Ah, how can I help you? We do have them, and we have them all
throughout the US.

Caller: I’m not really sure what you provide, can you tell me? I called the
number on the website..I am having trouble with my phone and my internet right
now and I was able to pull this phone number off of a page I printed the other

Care Adviser: Oh, ok. We provide help with assisted living and in-home care
and any type of services that your loved one would need, and what I would do
is get your name and number and connect you with the correct person in your
city and state.

Caller: OK, well I don’t necessarily want my city and state because it is too
expensive. My issue is slightly that…hold on a moment, let me step out of
this wind…

Care Adviser:  OK, can I get your name and number in case we get disconnected
because you are fading in and

Caller: OK sure, it’s Robert M. and my number is….[omitted]

Care Adviser: OK, now I can hear you clearly of course [chuckles]

Caller: Oh, ok! Well, my mother…..I need to find a place for my mother, and
I am looking for something that would be within her price range. She makes only
$2100 a month in retirement and social security, and it’s her…it’s just her.
Her husband just passed away. He was eligible, and he did collect for a while
aid and attendance, and um..

Care Adviser: The surviving spouse can also use aid and attendance as well

Caller: Right. Exactly. And I think that she would qualify for the full amount.
You know, she spent $3000 a month on aid and attendance, and I think she would
qualify for the full $1000 or whatever. So I had them at Greenfield in Virginia
but I am not sure that is the best place for her to go back to, and I was thinking
about possibly other states where her money would buy more services or at least
live on something that costs between $2100 and $3000 a month. That’s what I am looking for if there is something reasonable

Care Care Adviser: So what is the state that you would be looking in, just so I
might have an idea of which Care Adviser could help you.

Caller: Oh, it would be between Virginia, West Virginia and maybe even Maryland, or yeah, something like that. I would say New York City, but you know, I live in NYC, and I don’t think that would be the best place for her either.

Care Adviser: Yeah, and you are looking at probably over $5000 in New York

Caller: Yeah we found one for a little bit less but you know, the fact remains
that it is still very expensive.

Care Adviser: Yes. Well, Ok, let me ask a couple of people who would take your
information and uh, give you a call back and I will have someone give you a
call back and I will definitely call you and let you know who that is.

Caller: OK. And then how does your referral service work

Care Adviser: Basically what we do is we take an assessment then we try to
find the best fit for your mom with her budget and her health and then match
her up with an assisted living place that would service her needs.

Caller: Ok, and is there a fee to..

Care Adviser: No, there is no fee – you don’t pay us a fee.

Caller: OK, how do you guys get paid?

Care Adviser: We get paid by the facilities that we refer to. We kind of act
as a marketer for them so they don’t need to pay marketing fees…we just..

Caller: OK. So there wouldn’t be an additional savings if I were to call every
single assisted living facility in the state…

Care Adviser: Correct, there is not. But we always to try to ask for the best
specials they are running because sometimes they run specials like if you stay
for 3 months you get one month for free, and those types of we definitely ask for those types of things when we look for places for you.

Caller: OK, all right. Great.

Care Adviser: So I will have someone give you a call and let you speak with
them! I am not sure who it will be at this point, I need to take a little time
to find out and research for you, and I will definitely call you and let you

Caller: Ok, and also, this might be additional help but I am looking at about
a 100 mile radius of Stafford, Virginia. That is probably what we are looking

Care Adviser: OK, 100 mile radius of Stafford…that’s perfect!

Caller: OK, thank you very much!

Care Adviser: It’s been my pleasure to help you!

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  1. Rebecca

    Thank you for this post. It was a good read and something to keep in mind when calling for information on quality assisted living facilities.

  2. San Francisco Companion Care

    It’s always nice when you can get answers to your questions or at least directed to someone who can answer your questions.

    When it comes to looking for senior care, unfortunately it can be hit or miss, but this representative seems to be very well trained.