Promoting an assisted living facility

The business of assisted living is a very competitive market, and will become moreso as the number of “golden aged” people increases in the decades to come. Of course, having a website is the first step in marketing your assisted living facility, but there are numerous other techniques and strategies that can be utilized to further strengthen your visibility online.

Youtube and Google Video are both very powerful mediums to get the word out about your facility. It is incredibly easy to shoot a short video about your facility, and then upload it to these websites. From there, you can link the video to your assisted living website, and also “tag” the video so it comes up in internet searches, as well as within Youtube and GV. You can also “embed” these videos into your website.

In the weeks to come, we will be doing a comprehensive article about these various marketing techniques and strategies. If you check out our homepage, we have added a section devoted to our articles, which we will try to do frequently. These articles will hopefully be helpful and relevant to the subject of assisted and senior living.

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  1. Rayburn

    Thanks I got alot out of this blog page. I will be checking in often as I go through my journey to reach my goal. OPENING AN ASSISTED LIVING FACILIT FOY GLBT

    Lana RayburnRN BSN