Photo Shoot for 2 Assisted Living Homes in Littleton, CO

I had the pleasure of doing photography for 2 assisted living homes in Littleton, Colorado this week.    All of the photos for this project can be seen here.

Here are some of my favorites:


dining room

wide angle exterior

front view

common area

facility van


front with sky

elegant table


I have so much fun doing this for facilities.  I feel like each time I get a little better, or try a new technique.

This time, I did not bring, or use any external lights, aside from an external flash that I have not used before much for facility photography.  I incorporated a soft-box for some of the interior shots in order to soften the harshness of the flash, and at times, I tried bouncing the flash off of the walls to diffuse it a little.

It’s also great using a flash to light up shadowy areas outside.  This was especially helpful for the lawn that had a lot of shade coming from the facility.

I also have a brand-new wide angle lens (15-30mm) that is great in lower light (goes to F 2.8).