Pennsylvania Assisted Living Inspections & Citations

We believe that one of the most important elements to any senior care research effort is to find out how a facility, or facilities has done in terms of it’s Inspections and Citations that have been conducted by the state, and how the home or facility has responded to those violations.

Unfortunately, as we have found, many families simply don’t know that this information is often readily available, and free to look up.   In Pennsylvania, we found a page on the Department of Public Welfare that readily offers this information, and our video tutorial will quickly show you how to access it.

Users can search by
* Region
* County
* Zip Code
* Facility Name

Choosing a region, county or zip code brings up a comprehensive list of senior care options for that area.

Information includes:
*Name, Address and Contact Information
*Profit or Non Profit
*License Type, Status and Number
*License Expiration Date

And a link taking you to the facility’s inspections summary.
Clicking on the Inspections Summary link, and then going to the bottom of the page will display a Violations Report History, which includes

*Inspection Dates
* And a clickable report for each inspection, detailing the violation, plan of correction, date to be completed, and the date compliance was verified.

We hope that our video and this important information helps you to more accurately and confidently research your assisted living facility and personal care home options in Pennsylvania.

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One thought on “Pennsylvania Assisted Living Inspections & Citations

  1. Jeanne Mann

    I would like to report an incident involving my dad so that families will be alerted to the lack of quality care at this facility. The facility also did not provide every day care such as bringing my dad to meals, and providing fluids throughout the day.
    Our family did an extensive search before placing our dad, and we truly thought this place was “good”
    Does this website provide this information for families?