OK, So It’s National Assisted Living Week

National Assisted Living Week 2009 is Sunday, September 13, 2009 to Saturday, September 19, 2009.

So, what does that really mean?  I am seeing that it is this ‘special’ week in the news, and posted on many caregiving sites and blogs, but I am still not totally sure what to do?  Am I alone?

Thinking about it more as I went to get a glass of water, I decided that, like any other recognized holiday or occasion, I guess it can be what you make of it.  I mean, I don’t really celebrate Easter – instead I’ll take the day off and usually go for a hike, or maybe out to lunch with my wife.   Someone else might go to church and then to a brunch with family.

New Year’s Eve – another example – which happens to be my birthday too.  I tend to celebrate by having a nice dinner, and then going to bed really early (for some reason, I can’t ever seem to make it past 10pm).   Most other people are out hootin’ and hollerin’ in the freezing cold waiting for a ball to drop.

So, National Assisted Living Week – what does it mean, and what to do, since there are no formal rules or guidelines that I have been able to find.  I guess, like anything else, it can be what you make of it.

Here are some of my ideas:

1) If you know a caregiver – reach out and offer thanks, or maybe offer to cook a meal.  Caregivers are most often worn out, and have little time to tend to their own needs.

2) If you know someone in an assisted living facility, pay them a visit, or write them a note.  Loneliness is often a by-product of living in a long-term care environment.

3) Take care of yourself and commit to it long term – Many (but not all) of the ailments that cause people to go into an assisted living environment can be delayed or avoided completly by taking GREAT care of yourself – eating well, quitting smoking, exercising both mind, body and spirit, etc.

4) If you have aging parents who are still healthy, take a moment to give thanks.

5) If you are looking into assisted living for yourself, or a loved one – commit to researching any and all possible facilities thoroughly – remember, there are good ones, and not-so-good ones out there.

So there are a few of my ideas for National Assisted Living Week.  I’d love to hear yours!

– David

One thought on “OK, So It’s National Assisted Living Week

  1. Amanda

    Hello Assisted Living Directory Blog Readers,

    Personally, I had never heard of National Assisted Living Week, but it certainly sounds like a great way to spread awareness about a topic of interest to many baby boomers and their families who are seeking assistance. However, I think it is also important to remember that many people, will either want to delay assistance or try to remain in their home as long as they can as they age. Recently, I have needed to find some assistance for my own mother, who wants to stay at home but could use some help around the house and reminders for medication during the week when my sister and I are unable to. I found this really great website called thecaringspace.com which helped me out a lot. It’s not an agency, but you can connect with a lot of different caregivers with different skill sets in order to fill your needs. I can talk to a few people at a time in order to fill days when my mother needs help. It is completely free too! The website is also a really great way to get informed about current elder care issues and talk to other people in the caregiver/care seeker community. I would recommend it to anyone who is conscientious of Assisted Living Needs and is looking to research some easy and affordable options.

    Thank you so much – look forward to your next post!