Needs an assisted living apartment with health care and companionship

Here is another great inquiry that came through the site – a person with some complex needs looking for a small residential apartment-style assisted living in Florida. The question was as follows:

Dear Sirs:
I am writing because I have my brother in need of a residence place, but he is handicap. He is a retired Medical Doctor, and needs a place with health care, and companionship. He refuses to go into a regular home for the old. He is 75 years old, and he wants something like a small residential apartment where other people like him, are living, with available doctors and emergency service.
His mind is Ok so far, although sometimes is slow; he had an aneurysm; at the present he has an Emphysema and Prostate Cancer both under control. He can walk slowly with his cane. At the present time he is living by himself in the outskirts of Seebring Fla, doing his own home chores. As relatives, he has myself and my other brother, both of us living in the Dominican Republic, having no other family. He must stay in Florida in order to be able to get the proper medical care he needs for his illness as an American citizen, of course. He is a Surgeon Doctor and Psychiatrist, who served in the US, and it is too bad he is in this shape.
He is only source of income is a Social Security monthly check, and also he has the benefits of Medicare and Medicaid.

The purpose of this letter, if possible is to obtain the following information:
1. The different type of facilities that your institution provides
2. The financial cost of my brother living with you
3. If you accept Medicaid, and if so, what percentage of your cost would cover the Medicaid, as well as his Social Security.

Our intentions are if possible to move him to the new residence by the month of July 2010

Thank you so much in advance for your cooperation…….

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  1. Assisted Living for Elderly

    There are various Care givers that provide proper care to the people needing care.With few hundred dollars your near ones can have a proper care.Only thing you must remember is wisely choose the care givers.