How Massachusetts Defines Assisted Living

What is assisted living, you ask?

Well, it really depends on what state you’re asking about, since with assisted living, it isn’t “apples to apples” when you cross state lines.

This is where so many people get confused about assisted living, and if it is really, truly the category of senior care that is right for them, or their loved one.   It can be baffling, since each state defines assisted living differently, and in some cases, they don’t even use the term assisted living – instead opting for an official moniker such as Adult Foster Care.”

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The icing on the cake is that some states don’t have very usable or clear-cut websites that offer their own definitions, in precise terms.   However, and fortunately, the State of Massachusetts is different.  Their Executive office on Elder Affairs has an outstanding section dedicated to assisted living, including a good overview of their Assisted Living Program, what you can expect from this type of care in Massachusetts, as well as a List of Residences in a straightforward, .pdf format.

How Assisted Living is Defined in Massachusetts (screenshot from their wonderful consumer guide):

How MA defines assisted living

Additionally, they offer a superb ‘consumer guide for assisted living’ again in .pdf format, offering a clear overview, and details about assisted living, including their suggestions on choosing a facility, who this type of care may be best for, and so much more.

See the consumer guide here: