Looking for assisted living for 91 year old grandmother

Another great question directed to one of the facilities on our site (names have been removed)..

My 91 year old grandmother has been living with us for some time. She had her 3rd hip operation in May and came home from Heartland Rehab this past week. Unfortunately she is weak and has difficulty transferring herself from her wheelchair. She has had multiple toileting accidents as well. I am checking into long term care facilities to see what our options are. We work full time and cannot leave her unattended like we used to. She has become too much for us handle. Is your establishment an option for her? What is the cost? I’m guessing Medicare doesn’t pay for this, but maybe you know for sure. We live at Wattles/John R, so keeping her close to home is a plus. She also is an avid euchre and pinochle player, so having another person (or 3) in the home that also plays, would be a HUGE advantage. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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