Learn Costs, Medicaid & Tricare Facilities for Mississippi

I don’t understand why most senior care sites refuse to include or showcase the information that people want, and that really matters.  Well, actually, I do understand why, and it’s really because many of them want you to call them, or fill out a form to get the type of information I’m about to share with you – often times using questionable practices.

I’m referring to some of the great, informative and free state websites that are essential in helping you to research assisted living facilities or memory/Alzheimer’s care.   For Mississippi, you have a great resource at your beck and call which offers a comprehensive facility search tool statewide, and that will also tell you vital information in terms of facility cost, types of funding or insurances accepted such as Medicaid, Tricare, private insurance, and others.

An example of the type of information provided:

Mississippi facilities accept Medicare example


This site is also a terrific stand-alone research tool for assisted living statewide in Mississippi.  One of the other things that we like about it is that you can contact each facility directly.  Not many senior care sites allow this (again, questionable tactics).  Assisted Living Directory does allow this, as we feel that it is important to provide a straightforward, honest and productive research experience!

We hope that we are achieving this goal!