Learn About California’s Assisted Living Regulations

From Seniors, families and caregivers, to facility owners and administrators, as well as those who wish to open an assisted living facility, learning about assisted living regulations is important.

For California, this is easy to do.

First. it’s good to know who is responsible for regulating assisted living, and in California, this is the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division

A visit to the Community Care Licensing Division provides some helpful information and sections.   you’ll see a section to learn about Complaints Investigations for care homes

There is a:

  • Home care aide registry – California Law requires home care organizations to be licensed.
  • A Resource Guide for Medications in Group Homes
  • Administrator Exam Registration – which explains how to register for an administrator exam
  • Licensing Fees

as well as summaries of new laws affecting assisted living and residential care facilities and licensee responsibilities.

To learn about specific regulations for assisted living and residential care facilities, there are four comprehensive PDF guides that are available to the public.  I’ll link to those in this video’s description, and on Assisted Living Directory.

You’ll see sections for

  • Definitions
  • License requirements, regulations and standards
  • Applications Procedures
  • Administrative Actions
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Continuing Requirements
  • Incidental Medical Services
  • Administrator Certification Training Programs

and so much more.

The combination of all four of these documents results in hundreds of pages of laws and regulations concerning assisted living and residential care in California.    

PDF’s of Assisted Living Regulations in California:





The great thing here is that they are free to save, and print.   Every assisted living and residential care home should have a copy of these regulations on hand – for their own reference as they manage and operate their facilities, but also for any residents or family members who may request viewing them.