How To Look Up Florida Facility Violations

The one thing that most assisted living facilities and long-term care providers are not likely to include in their brochures, websites, and marketing materials is their Statement of Deficiencies, violations of regulations, or “Final Orders” – which are ‘ legal orders that decide a case or claim on a final basis.’

Although many facilities are able to maintain a low number of deficiencies and violations from year-to-year, others may be repeat offenders, and at times, the violations may be severe (threatening to the safety and well-being of it’s residents). Facilities may eventually be shut down if they are not able to remedy the issues within their facilities.

We’ve put together this short video tutorial to show you how to look up this information about Florida facilities (which includes assisted living, adult family care, hospice, skilled nursing, and other long-term care options).

We’ve found that most families do not realize that this information is readily available (for free) on the FloridaHealthFinder website.

In addition, this video, and FloridaHealthFinder will show you how to search for care options by county, city, or facility type or license number. This may be especially helpful to families or caregivers looking for care in many of Florida’s smaller towns or rural areas.

We hope this video tutorial, and information is helpful for your research into the Florida assisted living & long-term care facilities that you are interested in, or are in the process of researching!