Are Hawaii Facility Inspections Available Online?

I would love to think, that in a perfect, utopian world, that all information necessary to make a good decision would be immediately available and easy to find.   Sometimes this is the case, and in other instances, not so much.

For Hawaiians, researching assisted living might be a little more challenging and time-consuming than for other states.  The short answer to the question “Are Hawaii Facility Inspections Available Online?” is an unfortunate no.

For assisted living in Hawaii, as well as links to state/federal sites please visit or return to Assisted Living Directory’s Hawaii facilities page.

This, to me, is essential data to be able to objectively research any facility, so hopefully Hawaii will come around to provide this important information.

What we know:

The State of Hawaii does inspect facilities, which is good.  They do so twice a year a the time of this writing.

You can jump through hoops, and take the time to ‘request’ facility details, histories, and backgrounds  through their ADRC, which is the Hawaii Aging and Disability Resource Center.

The Hawaii ADRC may be one of your best allies for researching fact-based data and facility information:

Hawaii Aging Information

You can also contact the State’s Department of Health/Licensing to request further information, inspections data and survey reports.  The good thing about this site, is that you’ll find a list of assisted living facilities in Hawaii, provided through the department:

The last possibility that might help, and would say a lot about any facility that you are considering, is to ask them directly about their latest inspections.  Any facility that wishes to create a trusting relationship with a potential resident, senior or family should be able to provide that to you.