Guidance on Choosing An Assisted Living Home in Alaska

I have to say it (for lack of a better word) saddens me that some of the best, most helpful information and guidance out there for families as they research assisted living – is often times not the most ‘findable’ or obvious when doing research on the internet.

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The State of Alaska has done a good job of providing some excellent (and free) materials for seniors, families and caregivers who are researching assisted living, residential care or memory/Alzheimer’s care.

I feel that it is our job here at Assisted Living Directory, and our responsibility to make our users aware of these guides and data.

Firstly, I want to point out a great Consumer Guide (.pdf) that is available to help families choose assisted living.  It looks like this:

Alaska Consumer Guide for Assisted Living

Get the guide here:

This guide provides great information, insight and questions to ask as you research, and tour facilities and care homes.

You’ll also learn:

1) How the State of Alaska defines assisted living.   Each state is different, and the definition included in this guide explains what to expect, types of services and amenities that are commonly offered, and more.

2) Great questions to ask facilities as you research and tour.  For example, always ask “Is this home licensed?”  This seems like it’s asking the obvious, but you might be surprised at how many ‘homes’ try to offer care without being sufficiently licensed.

3) Moving in tips, and planning for living in the facility.  You’ll also be encouraged to ask about discharge, rate changes, etc.

4) Types of payments accepted by facilities in Alaska, and covering costs.  For example, Medicare does not cover the cost of assisted living in the State of Alaska. It also talks about the Medicaid/Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

There is so much good information in here, and at the end, or bottom of the document is a name/contact person of the state’s Assisted Living Licensing Program Manager who can help you with further questions or concerns.  That number is (907) 269-3640