How To Get A Copy of Missouri’s Assisted Living Regulations

How To Get A Copy of Missouri’s Assisted Living Regulations

In this post, I will highlight who is responsible for regulating assisted living in Missouri, how to file a complaint, and how to get a printable copy of assisted living rules and regulations for Missouri.

I am so passionate about teaching our site visitors how to ‘take control’ of their own research, and to empower them with the information they need to make wise, informed decisions.

Unfortunately, too often, seniors and residents of assisted living homes received sub-standard care, or are abused or neglected – and they don’t speak up since they don’t know, or understand the state’s rules and standards for assisted living that each home or facility has made a commitment to uphold.

To me, few industries present themselves with such importance and urgency to inform and empower consumers than assisted living.

After all, it is essentially one of life’s major decisions – life and death at times – and knowing what you should expect from assisted living, the rules and regulations set forth by the state, and where to go if you feel something is amiss should be required knowledge by every senior, family, caregiver, as well as all employees, owners and administrators of assisted living.

For Missouri, I’ll show you where to find essential information, documents of rules, statutes and regulations, and where you can go to file a complaint, or get assistance if needed.

First, it’s important to know who is responsible for the oversight and regulation of assisted living in Missouri.

This responsibility goes to the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.   

Visiting their site, I recommend going down to ‘Find a program for…’ and you’ll see a section for Seniors.

Missouri Department of Health & Seniors

This section has a number of sub-sections, helpful to those researching assisted living.

First, there is a long-term care facility/provider search, which can be filtered by City, County or Zip Code.  This is a great way to research care in Missouri Statewide.

Next, and very importantly, you can get information on Elder Abuse, and how to file a complaint if you suspect abuse, or neglect.

There is a section on facility resident rights – what they have a right to, including what care they participate in, or can refuse, being treated with respect and dignity, and so forth.

Resident Rights

There is also a section that gives an overview of the different types of senior care choices available in Missouri, including:

  • Adult Day Care
  • Home Care
  • Hospice
  • In-Home Services
  • Respite Care
  • Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit
  • Assisted Living
  • and Residential Care

The section for Assisted Living provides definitions for assisted living, residential care, Intermediate Care Facility, and Skilled Nursing.

How do I get a copy of assisted living regulations in Missouri?

This is very easy to do.  Simply visit the Missouri Secretary of State website, where they have the state’s assisted living rules and regulations in a simple, straightforward PDF document.

Missouri Regulations

You can also see a definitions-specific document here:

This document, Title 19, offers a great deal of information for consumers and providers (also helpful to those considering opening their own assisted living facility in Missouri).

You’ll see a section for Definitions of Terms, including Assisted Living Facility (ALF); Activities of Daily Living; Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL);  Voluntary Leave and many more.

It’s so important to familiarize yourself with these important definitions, since, each state defines assisted living and related terms differently.

The Division 30, Chapter 86 document mentioned above is over 30 pages of Titles and rules for assisted living and residential care facilities statewide, and covers aspects of assisted living including:

  • Construction Standards
  • Fire and Safety Preparedness and Safety
  • Physical Plant Requirements
  • Dietary Requirements

and much more.

Each of these documents can be easily saved, and printed.   Every assisted living facility or home in Missouri should have a readily-available copy of these for residents, employees or family members should they be requested.