Frasier Meadows construction in Boulder

It looks like Frasier Meadows retirement community in Boulder, Colorado is doing some pretty substantial construction!

A friend of mine was in Boulder yesterday and took this photo from his I-Phone, and sent it to me (Technology never ceases to amaze me, even with something as simple as taking a photo from a phone and then e-mailing it).

My friend Dave also asked me if I thought the assisted living market was seeing any effect from this bad economy. I told him that to some degree, probably yes – however, every day I see a new news article about how such-and-such assisted living company is pumping x-number of millions of dollars into a new facility….or how such-and-such company is showing profits, etc. I think it is an industry that is somewhat insulated from the current economic crisis – after all, you can’t stop aging, and Alzheimer’s, and especially now, it may be very difficult for family members to act as caregivers, as the responsibilities for work, or for finding a job are increased.

Also, many families may be looking at having their homes foreclosed on, making them, and perhaps an aging parent, find housing elsewhere – which might mean assisted living. Anyways, that’s my 2 cents worth.

Here’s the photo my friend took of Frasier Meadows:

Frasier Meadows, Boulder CO

Frasier Meadows, Boulder CO

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