Eco-friendly assisted living

Every day I seem to learn something new about the Assisted Living industry – which is great, since, at times, I do wonder if I have seen or heard it all.

This week, I learned that there is such a thing as “Eco-friendly” assisted living.   I learned this through a listing that was submitted to the site.

At first I thought that it might be a gimmick – I mean, really, how “green” or “eco-friendly” can an assisted living facility be?  Of course, you can recycle your cans, office paper, and plastic bottles, but is that enough to allow yourself to be called eco-friendly, or ‘green?’  Maybe 20 years ago, but probably not today.

The facility in question – Crismon Peaks Eco-Friendly Assisted Living in Mesa, Arizona really seems to capture what being ‘eco-friendly’ is really about.   Not only is their facility Eco-Certified and constructed with many green materials, they also feature Air, Water, and Laundry purification systems [to remove the toxicity from their residents’ daily lives] as well as an Organic Beauty Salon/Barber Shop on location.

We applaud Crismon Peaks for being a leader in providing Eco-friendly assisted living services.   We hope that more facilities will follow suit.   Any green or eco-friendly effort not only helps our planet, but also helps to create a healthy living environment within our own walls – even if it is an assisted living facility.

4 thoughts on “Eco-friendly assisted living

  1. Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS

    I was delighted to come across this posting! I’m a Certified Aging in Place Specialist and Tampa, Fl.-based independent kitchen and bath designer. As part of my efforts to enhance my clients’ lives, I always propose products that are indoor air quality friendly — especially for those with respiratory issues.

    Pairing green and elder care construction makes perfect sense, which is why I’ve teamed up with a local architect, David Balber, AIA, to help assisted living facility owners build or remodel for greater energy energy savings and safer environments for their residents.

    Interested owners should contact David directly for a no-obligation, free initial consultation.

  2. admin Post author

    I am so glad to learn about your services. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Jacy

    There is a great article on green residences titled, “Certifiably Green”, Assisted living will soon earn its first LEED certification—marking the latest milestone in an industrywide trend toward environmentally friendly residences.

    Its really great to see more environmentally friendly lifestyle and resident options,

  4. Greg Hunteman, AIA

    Sustainability, especially in the senior market, is vital! Yes, it seems that the terms “green” and “eco-friendly” are grossly overused, but as a senior living architect, I know that a facility should NOT age with its residents. The focus inside of an assisted living community needs to be centered around patients, not maintaining the building. So the more sustainable a community is, the less maintainence it will need in the long run. It’s good for facility owners, as well as residents, not necessarily about the trendiness or popularity of “green.”

    Assisted Living Architect in Texas