Calling all facilities in Jacksonville!

I have been going through the site recently, looking for cities and areas that could use more representation for assisted living facilities.   As I was going through Florida, I noticed that I didn’t have much going on for the Jacksonville area.   I knew that Jacksonville area was pretty big, but I had underestimated it a bit.

I was surprised to learn that Jacksonville has over 800,000 residents, and over 10% of these residents are over 65 – or over 80,000 people.   Although this is slightly lower (percentage-wise) than the national average, that’s a big senior population!

I was equally surprised to see that it wasn’t as easy as it was for other cities to find a solid and diverse mix of assisted living facilities and services in Jacksonville, relative to it’s size.   There are a few companies that have a pretty good showing in Jacksonville – and – but beyond that, there were relatively few privately owned facilities that were easily found in a simple search.   We even looked around on Youtube – often times facilities post video clips of their facilities – but no luck.

I know there are more – and maybe that’s where our site can come in – to help those assisted living facilities in the Jacksonville and Orange Park area to get the word out on what they offer.   We will list your service/facility for free, and you can include photos, video, and your services and amenities.   We also include google mapping on our facility listings.   So, we are “Calling all facilities in Jacksonville” to send us your information so we can post it on our Florida/Jacksonville page!

2 thoughts on “Calling all facilities in Jacksonville!

  1. Britt Nichols

    Being intimately familiar with Florida, I have noticed this challenge in many areas and that certain cities are very forward thinking when it comes to Assisted Living, while others like Jacksonville still seem to have a more limited mindset with only a few industry leaders forging ahead. I’m not sure if it is because of viability studies or just perception, but this would be very interesting to find out.