Assisted Living Directory’s No Spam Guarantee

Assisted Living Directory, at the time of this writing, has been online in the assisted living industry for over 10+ years. That’s longer than most sites.

No Spam on Assisted Living Directory

During that time, we have never once had one of our users complain to us that their personal information has been compromised, or distributed outside of the intended recipient.

I take your privacy, and trust very seriously – something that many other ‘assisted living’ or senior care sites don’t do. I know full well that there are plenty of questionable sites out there that are hap-hazard or downright negligent with your information.

Assisted Living Directory has a NO Spam policy and guarantee.

So what does this mean, exactly?

1) Never have we, or will we ever give your information to anyone other than the intended recipient.

On our site, there are quite a few possible ‘intended’ recipients. If you use a facility’s e-mail form to contact them directly from our site, the email will go straight to the facility via e-mail. Assisted Living Directory does get a ‘bcc’ temporary copy of all email communications that are sent to facilities, and we do that to protect our users. This allows us to block people abusing our site, and it also lets us know of any ‘bounces’ that occur, so we can update the facility’s email address if needed. We don’t share these communications or use them for any other purposes.

2) We do offer help and assistance on our site, and we work with a small handful of external organizations that provide expertise and assistance to our users. You may see a form, or a ‘help’ number to call.

When you fill out the form, the inquiry will go straight to our advisor or senior care consulting agency, and no further.

We have always been very transparent about who we work with and why. These are the people and organizations that are established, and who have earned our (and our site visitors) trust over the years, and who have shown that they are responsible and respectful towards our users’ information.

Of course, if you request help on our site, or contact a facility, you can expect a reply.

Our ‘who we work with’ section referenced above will tell you exactly who we have an established relationship with.

You should not expect to have any other ‘commercial interests’ contact you by using any of our advisors or facility contact forms.

Should you do, please contact me immediately. I will investigate, and will remove any facility, company or organization from our site that abuses this guarantee and policy.

There are ‘bad’ people out there, and I can’t say that it won’t happen on our site at some point, but we’ve been lucky.

No site is completely immune, but all websites should take every measure possible to protect their users.

My guarantee is that we’ll do everything that is humanly possible to stop spam from happening on our site, and we will address any issues immediately.

Speaking of policies, we have an in-depth privacy policy of how your information is used on our site.

Our advice to you is to avoid websites that don’t offer a similar privacy policy.

Again, by definition, spam is unsolicited email from people you don’t know, or are not expecting communication from. If you contact a facility on our site, or request help from an advisor, you will receive a reply.


If you have an experience that is anything different, we want to hear about it!