How To Apply For Assisted Living Administrator Certification in NC

Some states make it easy, and others don’t. Fortunately, if you are looking to apply, or learn how to get your Assisted Living Administrator Certification in North Carolina, you are in luck.

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The North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation / Adult Care Licensure Section has a whole section dedicated to helping people navigate the process of becoming a certified assisted living administrator.

You’ll have quick, and free access to forms like this:

Assisted Living Certification example for North Carolina


What you need to do, is visit the aforementioned site here:

You’ll be greeted to a number of very helpful items and documents, including:

1) Requirements and Guidelines Forms

2) Alternative Exam and Administrator Exam

3) Registration & Fees

4) Assisted Living Administrator Certification Application

& much more.

There is a very good section that outlines the  Certification Guidelines and Requirement that looks like this:

guidelines and requirements NC assisted living certification

This page can be accessed here:

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