Aging Resource PDF Guide for Corpus Christi

What if there were one place, or guide that was free to the public that offered information on just about anything and everything aging/senior related for Corpus Christi?

Would be pretty helpful, especially if this guide could be saved or printed.

Well, there is one, and I highly recommend checking it out.  It’s non-commercial, and offered through the Area Agency on Aging of the Coastal Bend.

The guide hasn’t been updated in a few years, but still, it offers information that should still be accurate and useful – including assisted living facilities, alzheimer’s care and support groups, residential care options, and so much more.

It’s 72 pages long, and you can get it here:

Aging Resource Guide for Corpus Christi

I like this guide because it covers 12 Coastal Bend counties and regions, so you can get an idea of what’s available not only in Corpus Christi, but also in the surrounding areas.

One tip that I have, since the guide is pretty long – once you’ve saved it, you can open it as a .pdf and simply enter CTRL+F to do a search for services or information.   There’s a pretty decent section for assisted living facilities here.

Another reason I like this guide is that it provides direct contacts and phone numbers.

Additionally, this guide provides information on  Caregiver resources and support groups in Corpus Christi.

Unfortunately, nowadays, so many senior care websites omit or remove this important information and only offer it after you provide personal data and information – questionable practices in our view.

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