A Great Interactive Facility Map for Flagstaff assisted living

I love a great research tool, and it’s even better when it helps out the folks in my former hometown (I was born and raised in Flagstaff)!

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Unfortunately, the map and database I am about to show you isn’t well known, which is a shame, since it provides such an easy, and straightforward way to get a solid understanding of your care options in Flagstaff.

What you need to do:

The first step, is to go to the ADHS Licensed Facilities map page which looks like this:

ADHS Licensed Facilities

You will notice that this is pretty zoomed out, and includes the entire state.

You can simply zoom in, and reposition the map on Flagstaff, and then, if you wish, you can click on any of the “plus” symbols, which will bring up a window of information for the facility.

The left-hand sidebar shows the type of facility based on the color of the ‘plus.’

Flagstaff Facility Map zoom view

Incredibly helpful information, which includes:

  • The Facility Type
  • The Facility ID
  • The SubType
  • Name
  • Legal Name
  • Address

From there, what I recommend, for the facility(s) that you are interested in, or considering, is to then to to AZ Care Check, and look the facility up there.

You’ll be able to see a lot more information about the facility, including citations and violations, enforcement actions, surveys and much more.

Another helpful part of this interactive map is that you can filter by layers.   The basemap button will toggle colors of the map, and also show you satellite imagery of the map area, and the facility locations.

Basemap for Flagstaff

You can also toggle by facility type, including all of the facilities, or you can just display ones you are interested in, for example, Residential Facilities or Long Term Care Facilities.

layers for long-term care

At this time there are 14 licensed assisted living facilities and residential care homes in Flagstaff, according to the State’s Department of Health Services.

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