What assisted living is not

One of the most frequent questions I receive on the site, or hear about with the assisted living industry is “What is assisted living?”  I think because this is such a relatively new industry, most people don’t quite know what it is or what to expect from it.

I have posted a great video on our homepage that explains what assisted living is.   Basically, assisted living is intended for those people who can manage some degree of independence, but need help with some of the daily activities that they were once able to do, like bathing, or managing medication.

What assisted living is not: Assisted living is not intended or designed to be a residential option for seniors (or anyone) needing intensive medical care or around-the-clock supervision.   People who are essentially bedridden or unable to move independently will probably find that assisted living is not the best choice for them.

Understanding what assisted living is, and what it’s limitations are is paramount in achieving happiness for your loved one, and for the families who support him or her.   This understanding will also allow the facility to provide the best possible care within it’s ability.

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