Researching Facilities in Iowa: Inspections, Complaints & Citations Reports

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I am frequently reminded as to how few people are aware that, for most states, there are excellent and easy-to-use, and trusted places to go to find accurate, unbiased information for assisted living, Alzheimer’s facilities, and other types of senior care.

Many people simply do a search for facilities, and trust the information offered by the ever-growing number of commercial senior sites out there (some that are very questionable as to who is behind them, and what their goals are, and the information they present). There are, however, some very good sites out there, and whichever site you use, it is always wise and advisable to ‘double check your facts’ and find trusted ‘second opinion’ sites to find out the scoop on facilities you are interested in.

That’s why we have created this video tutorial highlighting two incredibly useful, and unbiased (non-commercial) sites that will help you to further your search for assisted living and senior care possibilities in Iowa, and to also learn about those facilities in terms of their inspection reports and any citations or complaints that they may have received. We like to do this in a video/screen shot format, since, we think that many people will just ignore links posted to these sites, or those may be easy to overlook.

The information that we present and discuss in our video is the same information that some questionable ‘referal-type’ sites try to present to families as if it were secret, hard-to-find information that is only accessible to ‘experts’ with the necessary ‘connections’ to get their hands on it.

It’s not a secret, it’s not difficult, and it is free to the public to access.  Our video will show you how.

Additionally, there are those who might not be as comfortable whizzing through the internet doing research, so our video tutorial will help to walk you through these sites step-by-step to find the most valuable and pertinent information for the facilities in Iowa that you are interested in.

The sites and pages featured and discussed in our video tutorial are