Our Mission

I was thinking today about this website, and really, what the point of it is. I then started thinking about what our mission statement would be. I think I came up with something fitting:

Update:  As of June 2014, we will be redoing this mission statement a bit that was originally posted back in 2007.

Our mission: Assisted Living Directory strives to make quality online advertising accessible and affordable for assisted living facilities of any size.

Many of the bigger sites out there charge a pretty stiff premium to list a facility, which cuts out a lot of the smaller “mom and pop” facilities that don’t have the deep pockets. It is my hope that my site will become a widely used resource to find assisted living of any type or size, in any part of the U.S.

So there it is. I may fine tune it a bit down the road, but essentially, that is the mission of the site.