Open casting call for assisted living facility administrators

Assisted Living Directory has been around for close to 6 years now!  It has been an exciting  journey, and I have had some great successes with the site so far – we hope that will keep happening!

Lately, I have been thinking about what to do next with the site.    What I don’t see a lot of on other assisted living-type websites is video – specifically good interviews with people who work in the assisted living industry.

A friend of mine has a site in another niche, and he bought a High Definition video camera, and took it with him to the site of a potential interview subject.  The subject happily did an interview on the spot, and my friend put that interview on his website.

An interesting thing happened – that interview was so well done that people almost immediately started coming to him asking to be interviewed!

He does great work – the videos are all in HD, and have great editing and sound.  The video interviews do 2 things – they help add great content to a website, and help to promote relevant businesses.

So, I thought this was such a great idea, that I have recently purchased an excellent camera, and I have been learning how to shoot decent video, and also have been learning how to edit it using Vegas Studio platinum.

I’d like to put it out there to any assisted living facility administrators that if you’d like to participate and be an interviewee – please let me know!   The clip would appear on our site, and would be a great way to further promote your facility.  Unfortunately, I am limited to the Denver area since that is where I am based out of, but as time goes on, and I get better at it, perhaps I can be a bit more mobile with my efforts.