No Assisted Living In Aspen Colorado

An article in the Aspen Times today reported that there is no Assisted Living options in the Aspen area, and that is becoming a concern for the town. Although Aspen is mostly known for being a playground and haven for the young, rich and famous, the reality is that there is a population of aging Aspenites who are going to potentially have to move if they ever need Assisted Care.

Quoting the article – “In response to the absence of an assisted-living facility in Aspen, local governments and publicly-funded organizations are collectively chipping in $25,000 to underwrite the cost of a feasibility study.

The request was introduced by Mayor Mick Ireland this week in front of the Aspen City Council, which voted to contribute one-fourth of the cost — $6,250.”

The feasibility study will hopefully establish if there are enough senios in the Aspen area (today and future) to support a facility.

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