Make sure your facility listing is spellchecked!

And even then…be careful!

I have had a few people email me lately with very, very good points about some of the facilities listed on our site.

Here is one of the messages we received recently:

“who on earth typed the above – 4 spelling mistakes in just 2 paragraphs!!  Have you ever heard of “spellcheck”? I was checking out your facility for relatives of mine in HSV.  Now I wonder if your services are as deficient as your proof reading. ”

And another:

“I was looking for assisted living for my mother, and came across your listing.   Did you happen to check your spellcheck?   You have “Snakes served daily.”   I would assume that this would mean “Snack” and that your spellcheck changed it for you.  However, it worries me somewhat that if you oversee a pretty big mistake like that, will you oversee the details when you are managing my mom’s medication?”

Good points for sure.   It certainly does not come across well to have obvious mistakes and misspellings in your facility listing – and I do think people may think twice about your services if you appear to be sloppy, or don’t spellcheck.

Additionally, we recommend double-checking your spellcheck.  Obviously, the find/replace function and spellchecking in general can replace words that it thinks are mis-spelled with even more objectionable choices, as was mentioned in the email above.

On our end – we’ve made a few mistakes on our site as well, so it is easy to do.  We just noticed, after about 6 years, that “San Francisco” was misspelled on our site.   We has an “s” in place of the first “c” in “Francisco.”  Nobody noticed it during that entire time until I did some edits on our California assisted living page and found the mistake.

At any rate – assisted living care is serious business, with a lot at stake.  The well-being and health of your mom, dad, or loved one is in the hands of the people who manage and work at the facility.    Attention to detail is a must – and if you see a carelessly put-together listing – it may raise a legitimate red-flag for you…