Learn About Assisted Living Regulations in Connecticut

This post will provide information and helpful links about assisted living facility regulations for Connecticut.

I’ll also show you where you can get a .pdf copy of the State’s regulations, which can be saved, and printed.

Assisted Living in the US is regulated mostly from the state level, and each state has it’s own Department or Agency that regulates assisted living rules, regulations, and standards.

For Connecticut, the Agency Responsible for the Regulation of Assisted Living falls under the Department of Public Health, Facility Licensing & Investigations Section.

A visit to this Department’s website provides some useful data, and sections.

Firstly, I recommend visiting the Regulation & Licensure section from the main page, which will take you to section with some helpful links.

Regulations and Licensure for CT

Notably, you’ll see a ‘Getting, Maintaining and Renewing a License’ which is helpful to anyone wishing to open an assisted living home, or for those who want to keep up with their licensure and status.

Getting and Maintaining a License

There’s an additional section for Health Care Facilities Licensure, which offers a contact e-mail address, if you have questions, a facility search tool, and more.

There are additional sections for:

  • Verify a License
  • File A Complaint
  • Regulatory Action Reports
  • and Licensing Programs

Can I get a copy of Connecticut’s Assisted Living Regulations?

Yes, this information is immediately available through the following PDF:


It is currently 19 pages long, and can be saved directly to your computer as a PDF document, and from there it can be printed.

Some helpful information that this document includes:

  1.  Definitions.   You’ll see state-specific (for Connecticut) definitions for things like: Assisted Living; Agency; Client; Core Services; Private Residential Unit – and more.
  2.  Codes, Regulations and Standards of Operation for assisted living facilities and homes in Connecticut
  3.  Information pertinent to the Application for the grant or renewal of a license to operate an assisted living services agency.

and quite a bit more.

CT Definitions for Assisted Living

Lastly, I’ll include a very helpful tool provided by the State of Connecticut that allows you to look up a license, permit, certification or registration for an Assisted Living Service Agency Statewide.


License Lookup Connecticut

Simply choose ‘Assisted Living Service Agency’ for the License Type, and you can then simply choose Connecticut for the State, and a list of Assisted Living Facility Credentials statewide will be displayed.

You’ll see the License Number, Expiration Date, Granted Date, License Name, and also the License Status (whether the facility’s license is active or inactive).

It’s so important for residents of assisted living facilities, as well as their families, and those who care for them (caregivers), and not to mention the facility staff, owners, and administrators, to be familiar with facility regulations and standards – or, at the very least, know where to find these regulations for reference.

Lastly, any assisted living residence should have a copy of the state’s regulations readily available to any resident, family member, or employee who might request it.