Learn About the Ohio Assisted Living Waiver Program

One of the wonderful things about the State of Ohio is that they have outstanding information about assisted living and senior care, neatly organized on the Department of Health, and Department of Aging websites.

Not all states are like this – many others don’t offer much, if any information on the state’s assisted living programs, which is unfortunate. Many seniors, families and caregivers are ‘lost’ when it comes to researching assisted living, and must rely on the growing number of questionable’ senior care websites out there.

Assisted Living Directory will always highlight important state resources to help you to quickly find the information you need.

Ohio’s Assisted Living Waiver Program

Ohio’s Department of Aging offers an outstanding .pdf document detailing everything you need to know about the waiver program.

The basic definition of the waiver program provided by the state is as follows:

“The Assisted Living Waiver program is one long-term care option for Medicaid
recipients and offers an alternative to nursing facility placement. The program is a
statewide, Medicaid-funded program that allows eligible individuals age 21 and older to
reside in and receive services from a licensed residential care facility. A care manager
works with the consumer and the facility to develop and maintain a care plan.”

Sections included in the .pdf talk about whether the waiver program is ‘right’ for you; selecting a provider; applying and enrolling in the program; as well as a section for helpful phone numbers, and several appendices with checklists, a monthly expenses worksheet, and a facility tour checklist.

This .pdf is about 21 pages, and can be easily saved and printed.  You can access it here:


Ohio Waiver Checklist for Assisted Living

To be eligible, there are some requirements. You must 21 or older, and you must be Medicaid eligible. You also must require ‘hands on assistance’ with at least two of the following items: mobility; bathing; toileting/using the bathroom; grooming, eating; taking medications.

In addition, these needs must be able to be satisfied or met in a residential care facility setting.

Application and Enrollment

To enroll, or to apply for this program, call your local PASSPORT Administrative Agency (PAA) to schedule an in-person
consultation. Call 1-866-243-5678 to find the PAA serving your community or visit
http://aging.ohio.gov/HomeCommunityCare. A

Other benefits that you may be eligible for include: Medicare benefits; Medicaid benefits, including some medical supplies, equipment and transportation; VA (Veterans Administration) benefits; Hospice benefits; Insurance benefits, and consumer protection.

Please visit our assisted living facilities in Ohio page to learn more about senior care options in your area.

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