Las Vegas is a great place for seniors!

My wife and I recently visited Las Vegas.  I had been there numerous times as a kid, but, on our recent visit, I was reminded of what an awesome city it is!   We can’t wait to go back.

One thing that always strikes me about Las Vegas is that there are plenty of seniors there – seniors having a good time (for the most part).   Seniors, retirees, and snowbirds can be seen at the shows, gaming, and eating great food at the plentiful dining options in and around Las Vegas.

There are also so many ways to stay healthy in Las Vegas – from golfing, to walking or running, to hiking and even just walking up and down the strip “people watching” (one of our favorite activities).     Las Vegas is also delightful most of the year in terms of weather – especially in the fall and winter when it is usually around the 70’s and 80’s.   Rarely do you see snow in Las Vegas.

So, because of all of the glorious things Las Vegas has to offer, we have now dedicated a page on our site to Las Vegas assisted living.   This page also encompasses Henderson – another great town in the Las Vegas area.

If you are going to visit Las Vegas, and want a recommendation for a place to stay – my wife and I love the Sunset Station hotel in Henderson.  It’s much less smoky than the other hotels, and is off the beaten path a bit (which we like).  There are a number of good dining options in the area too.