Helpful State Resource For Kentucky Assisted Living Information

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Kentucky residents are fortunate that there is a very good, state-sponsored resource within the State of Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and the Department for Aging and Independent Living has a page dedicated to ‘Assisted Living Communities’

Our video tutorial will point out it’s list of facilities statewide, and other helpful tools within this section:

Each state has it’s own unique definitions and guidelines for what assisted living is, and what is offered through assisted living care, and this page starts off by providing a good overview of the services offered by assisted living communities.

Additionally on this page, there is a solid list of Certified Assisted Living Communities, by county.  Information includes the facility address and location and contact information.

What may be even more helpful is the ‘Assisted Living Communities in Kentucky link in the sidebar that will take you to a downloadable and printable .pdf document with the communities, again by county.

Lastly, this page offers a number of great guides and further information, including a helpful consumer guide to selecting an assisted living community that can also be saved, and printed.
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