Getting the best information about long-term care

Providing eldercare and long term care for family members is one of the most costly, yet least understood, health care challenges in the United States.

Today there are an estimated 52 million informal and family
caregivers who provide care to someone aged 20+ who is ill or disabled. Within this, 34 million adults (16% of population) provide care to adults 50+ years at an estimated expense that totals $300 billion annually.

If you or someone you know are dealing with or have dealt with decisions about long-term care for loved ones you know the importance of having the best information possible. You probably also know the struggle to find that information. wants to help make that struggle easier and give you a community that can help support and inform.

Visit to find a comprehensive collection of information and community features all designed to give caregivers a fully functional resource for caring for aging parents, friends or family members.

The site includes long term care resources, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia information, legal and financial preparation tips, checklists, suggestions for new caregivers and much more.