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West Winds Assisted Living Facility in Zephyrhills, Florida

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Interesting questions about West Winds Assisted Living asked by our site visitors:

Q; Is this facility ONLY for senior citizens?

***This is an interesting and actually common question nowadays. There are many people out there who aren't seniors, who need, or can benefit by an assisted living facility such as West Winds. Examples are people with Young Onset Parkinson's, or other movement disorders. - ALD

Q; Do you accept Medicare and/or Medicaid? I'd also like to find out pricing and possibly schedule a tour of West Winds in the near future.

Q: My elderly aunt is in need of assisted living in your area. Unfortunately she has very limited income. Can you tell me what the costs are for your facility and if there are any programs in Florida to help seniors with living expenses?

Q: I am looking for a place for my parents, my dad has incontinence, and needs help dressing and bathing, which my mom usually does. Could you please send me more information regarding West Winds. Please include prices, conditions etc. I am looking to place them ASAP. - Ann

***Many facilities have waiting lists that can hold up a move-in for months. Checking to see if there is a waiting list as soon as possible will help with your planning! - ALD

Q: Does this facility accept the Diversion program? - Jennie

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West Winds Assisted Living

Zephyrhills, Florida assisted living

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Zephyrhills Florida - West Winds Assisted Living Facility

West Winds is a family owned and operated Assisted Living Facility. We consider our residents an extension of our family, and take care for them with the utmost respect and dignity. With our highly trained staff, state of the art facility, and central location, it is easy to see why our residents are proud to call this “Home”.

Celebrating life at West Winds means each resident's privacy and individualism is respected and their independence, hobbies and interests are encouraged.

West Winds Assisted Living Facility Located at 37411 Eiland Blvd, ZEPHYRHILLS, Florida. 33542

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Comfort: We pride ourselves with helping our residents continue the celebration of life.

Homelike: West Winds is proud to break the “medical model”. Upon visiting our facility, you will see this is a home, not and institution!

Apartments: All rooms overlook beautifully landscaped areas and mature trees.

Dining: In-house chefs ensure residents enjoy delicious and balanced meals daily.

Activities: We offer over 150 Activities each month!


Contact West Winds Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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